The Big Vegan Market is back for 2022!
The Big Vegan Market is back for 2022!
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 Who can attend the Big Vegan Market?

Everyone and anyone can attend the Big Vegan Market! We try to make the event as inclusive, accessible, safe and friendly as possible, to everyone. Please refer to section regarding Covid-19 requirements below. Entry fee is $5 and free for kids under 12 and for their safety, no pets please.

What kind of stalls will be at the Big Vegan Market?

The Big Vegan Market aims to show off all the amazing goods, services, products, food, drinks and everything else that this amazing lifestyle has to offer.

Will there be food? 

There certainly will be! There will be hot and cold food to eat while you're at the markets and there will also be plenty of packaged goodies to take home and eat or use later

Will the markets be busy? 

The response to the Big Vegan Market is amazing. Many excited market goers attended and all the stall holders had a very busy day presenting their goodies to attendees. This year we are making more room and making the markets across two days to lighten the crowd and give everyone a chance to check out all the vendors and get to the food. 

How much is entry and can I pre-purchase a ticket? 

Entry is $5 and those under 12 are free. We won't be selling tickets to the event, you can pay at the door with either cash or by EFT. There will be plenty of staff at the door to check your vaccination status and collect your entry fee.

What about Covid-19 regulations? 

We will have a Covid-19 event plan in place and the event will run to State and Federal Government regulations at the time. Entry requirements will most likely include, but not limited to, being double vaccinated/had a booster shot, as well as being required to check in to the event via QR code each day. 

What are the opening times of the Big Vegan Market?

Opening times for the Big Vegan Market are 10am - 6pm Saturday and 10am - 6pm Sunday

Is there an ATM on site?

There will be ATMs onsite both inside and out of the Royal Exhibition Building but we STRONGLY recommend bringing cash with you. Some stall holders will also have card facilities but its better to bring cash with you just in case.