Vending at Big Vegan Market

Interested in Vending at the Big Vegan Market? 

If you have something great to offer the world and are interested in getting it out there, then the Big Vegan Market provides access to a huge range of attendees that are interested in checking out what you have to offer. That said, there are a few things to cover first. Have a read through the vendor FAQs which covers key criteria for vending at the market and then go on and complete the application form at the bottom of this page. Once submitted we'll be in touch with you shortly. 

Vendor FAQs

What can I sell at Big Vegan Market?

Food, drinks, alcohol, craft, fashion, skincare, services, etc etc etc. Everything you sell, promote, show, whatever MUST be vegan. Therefore no leather, gelatine, honey, dairy, wool, feathers is allowed. No offering honey as an option in drinks, no offering "normal" milk as an option. No animal products whatsoever.

Who can apply for Big Vegan Market?

Stalls at the Big Vegan Market are specially curated to provide diversity and an exciting range of options to the public. By hand picking vendors in this way, we consider that it is best for vendors and customers alike and there are not too many of one style of vendor. We wish to create a nice variety and feel to the market to give everyone great exposure.

Anyone can apply for a spot at the Big Vegan Market and we will review your application based on how many vendors of the same style are already on board and what you are offering. Locally owned and independent businesses showing off their vegan creations generally take precedence and we do not accept applications from networking/multi-level marketing businesses.

Please note: We are a market and want to keep a nice level playing field for everyone so therefore you must sell items and not to only give away your product. We certainly encourage "Big Vegan Market specials," deals, tastings etc but no booking booths to only give away products please. If we find this is the case we might have to shut you down and we definitely don't want to have to do that. 


If you are selling/providing a product for consumption, you need to apply for a Streatrader. There is no compromise with this one and it is not set by us. This is a regulation set by the council on food preparation and serving laws. Do not leave this too late as failure to obtain a Streatrader will result in not being able to vend at Big Vegan Market. The Streatrader website is -

Can I trade for 1 day only ?

Unfortunately due to the logistics of loading in and out of the markets and tight timing of the 2 day event, vendors must trade for the set times for both days of the Big Vegan Market. Wouldn't you want to give customers the best chance of checking out what you have to offer by being there for both days anyway?

How many much stock should I bring / how much food should I prepare?

There were approximately 17,500 attendees across the 2 days of the 2019 Big Vegan Market. Selling out is not good for you, the event, and especially the attendees. The disappointment experienced by attendees that were excited to try your products only to find out that you are completely sold is real.

What is provided in a stall

Because every vendor likes to decorate their stall differently, each stall is a bare shell that is your space to decorate. As each vendor decorates the stall differently, there will be no side divider with your neighbour. This this allows you to place trestle tables up side by side, or have a nice open space, or whatever you choose. Electricity can be provided to your stall but you MUST fill in the electrical requirements form when we send it to you so our electricians know what to provide on the day.

Do I need public liability insurance?

Market Stall Public Liability insurance is mandatory for all stallholders. This is the responsibility of stallholders and not Big Vegan Market.

Can I access power at my stall? 

If you like to have a powered stall space, you MUST check yes that you want power on your application form. We will plan out the floor plan based on who elects to have power and if you don't elect to have power then you won't be in a spot that access power. We'll send you out a form to provide all your power requirements prior to the event.

What cooking equipment is allowed inside the Royal Exhibition Building?

Food vendors can only prepare food using electrical appliances. Gas appliances/naked flames are not permitted inside the Royal Exhibition Building. 

Shall I provide card payment facilities? 

While we do advise attendees to bring cash and there is an ATM on site, the queue is often lengthy. We strongly advise setting up with card facilities. If you don't have an EFTPOS setup there are other options such as SQUARE and paypal mobile that are quick and easy setups to provide card payment at your stall.

Are there terms and conditions for vending at the market?

Yep, and they contain important information that allows you to get the most out of the markets so you MUST read them before applying. Please check them out here -

Expression of Interest for the 2023 Big Vegan Market

Please complete the EOI form below for the 2023 Big Vegan Market and we'll let you know when applications for our next event open.